Trial Preparation – Time to Get Ready

My next Trial starts next week.  I am representing a victim of a personal injury accident who was injured when a grocery store employee struck my client in the ankle with a row of shopping carts.  As a result, my client was injured and, eventually, needed surgery to repair his ankle.

This case is ready to go.  

The Exhibit books are all printed with the exception of some minor changes I will be coordinating with Defense Counsel. My outline is all set and my client has been prepared, although we may meet again before he testifies just to make sure he is comfortable on the stand.

I know that I need to be fully prepared when I represent clients in personal injury lawsuits.  

The insurance defense industry has spent billions on its campaign to fend off legitimate lawsuits such as this one.  They are willing to spread mis-information in an attempt to harm all those already hurt by their insureds in injury accidents.  So, I must be careful in picking a Jury that has not been infected with this Defense oriented bias.

 Once the Jury is picked, I have to present my case in a concise and efficient manner while giving them all of the facts.  Not side of the case consists of medical and wage loss records as well as the testimony from my client and two of his treating physicians.  In addition to the normal preparation, we do not have sufficient Court Rooms in our Clark County, Nevada District Courthouse to allow the Judges to have their own Court Rooms.  That leaves us having to use partial days for Trial and makes it more difficult to coordinate the testimony of the various parties – especially doctors who have their own busy schedules caring for their patients.

 I’m nearly ready and, although I always feel as if something is missing, will be ready to start Trial on Monday.

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